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Classe multiethnique

Interested in offering the School of the Greats program in your school or college? We'll guide you step by step free of charge.

Outils de transfert de la Fondation W.
Inform and discuss with primary schools and colleges their local needs and realities.
Outils de transfert de la Fondation W.
To accompany the principals of primary schools and colleges in the operationalization of the program in accordance with local culture.
Partenariats de la Fondation W.
Find partners to reduce lunch and transportation costs for primary schools and colleges.
Déploiement de l'École des Grands par la Fondation W.
Accompany the project manager in the implementation of the School of the Greats throughout the school year.
Formation des mentors à la Fondation W.
Develop mentor training and curriculum for science and computer programming.
Réussite éducaive soutenue par la Fondation W.
Train the selected project manager.
Mesures d'impact des prgrammes de la Fondation W.
Measure the impact of the program in both elementary and college and submit an impact report to primary school and college principals

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