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Enfants excités en cours de sciences

Founded in 2019 in Montreal, the Foundation W. is active throughout Quebec. The initiatives put in place are developed using three guiding principles

Working together with the community to develop programs

We are deploying impact-bearing initiatives, including the School of the Greats program, across Quebec. Professors, special needs educators, and other professionals develop our initiatives hand in hand with disciplinary experts. Our network of primary schools, colleges, communities, and families have successfully implemented a model to support the educational success of vulnerable students.

Collaboration avec les milieux à la Fondation W.
Mesures d'impact rigoureuses à la Fondation W.

Measuring our impact to improve

Scientific evidence is the basis of our decisions. We will quantitatively measure the impact of our activities on the educational success of participants. This allows us to constantly evaluate and improve our practices. Thus, every dollar and effort invested contributes concretely to equal opportunities!

Develop transfer tools

We document winning practices and develop a toolkit to enable consistent implementation of sustainable programs across the province of Quebec

La Fondation W. agit dans tout le Québec et vise à déployer ses programmes dans toutes les écoles
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