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Les étudiants de chimie

Our mission

Contribute to equal opportunities and enable vulnerable populations to have real access to educational success*.

*Educational success means the process that encompasses academic success and allows for personal, social and professional development of the individual (Higher Education Council, 2008).

Our values

  • Volunteering

  • Social justice

  • Ethics

  • Collaboration

  • Transparency

Our vision

Preventing and reducing poverty through education.

Governance and teams

We are fortunate to be surrounded by an excellent team. We are a meritocratic team of administrators, employees and volunteers who share common values and mobilize towards a common vision.

Members of the Board of Directors

Jasmine Dupont, Eng.


Director a team of large construction sites within the material resources department.


Montreal School Services Centre



Jasmine Dupont, Eng.

Hussein Wissanji, MD, MPH, FRCSC


General and Thoracic Pediatric Surgeon


Montreal Children's Hospital


McGill University Health Centre



Hussein Wissanji,

Charifi Oussama_FRM_edited.jpg


Oussama Charifi,CFA, M.Sc., ASA

Oussama Charifi, CFA, M.Sc., ASA

Senior Manager, Analytics and Model Management


 Market and Transversal Risk | Lecturer|


PSP Investments

Jessica Dufresne, LL.M. LL.B.



PH.D Candidate in Law


Specialist in food accessibility and diversity law 



Jessica Dufresne,
LL.M., LL.B.

Tasheen Wissanji, MD, M.Sc., FRCPC


Internist and Intensivist


University of Montreal



Tasheen Wissanji, MD, M. Sc., FRCPC

Our team

Alisha Wissanji, Ph.D.


Professor and researcher at the Cégep Marie-Victorin


Founder of the School of the Greats


Founder of la Fondation W.

Alisha Wissanji_edited_edited_edited_edi

Executive Director
Alisha Wissanji

Aurélie Dussenne

Master of Liberal Arts, Harvard


Data Scientist - Founder and CEO, ImpactBee

Formerly data analyst at the United Nation


Data external consultant for data analysis

Aurélie Dussenne

Photo CV 2_edited_edited.jpg

Lise Rabiller, Ph.D.

Professor in Physiopathology


Executive Assistant

Lise Rabiller


Anne Bussières Gallagher, M.A.

Teacher at the Cégep Drummondville

Coordinator of activities at l'École des Grands®

Anne Bussières Gallagher

Friends of the Foundation


Stéphanie St-Jean



Former member of the Board of Directors of the W Foundation.

Stéphanie St-Jean

Josyane Fortin.jpg

Josyane Fortin


Manager, Business Planning and Strategies



Former member of the advisory committee of the W Foundation.

Josyane Fortin

Friends of the Foundation are people we are grateful to for their significant role in the development of the Foundation W.

5x7 Hamelys 7107_edited.jpg
Paul Hamelin
GIRO and Projet Casa

Danielle Lysaught

Projet Casa

Founding partners of Foundation W.

Paul Hamelin et Danielle Lysaught of Fonds Hamelys 

Noor Al-Haiek


Manager, Mergers and Acquisitions



Noor Al-Haiek, CPA

Al Karim Dhanji_edited.jpg

Al Karim Dhanji, CPA, CA

Director of finances


Aldex Chemical co.Ltd.

Former member of the Board of Directors of the W Foundation.

Al Karim Dhanji, CPA, CA

Volunteer Experts

Volunteering is a key value of the Foundation W. We are fortunate to have a team of disciplinary experts who contribute to the Foundation W. mission through their generosity in time and knowledge.

Mélissa Goulet, Ph.D.


Professor, Department of Education and Specialized Training at the University of Quebec in Montreal.


Researcher, School Environment Research Group (GRES)


Researcher, University Institute Young In Difficulty-CIUSS-Of-Centre-South-Of-Montreal


Mélissa Goulet, Ph.D.

Research Specialist

Isabelle Archambault, Ph.D.


Professor at the School of Psychoeducation at the University of Montreal


Canada Research Chair in Children's School, Well-being and Educational Success


Myriagone Co-Chair McConnell-UdM in Youth Knowledge Mobilization.


Director of the School Environments Research Group (GRES).


Isabelle Archambault, Ph.D.

Research Specialist



Assist elderly by offering home support aimed at the autonomy at the CLSC of Mercier-Est and Anjou 

IMG_0498 (1)_edited.jpg

Sarah-Lourdes Tejada-Cuerno

Social service worker

Manon Laferrière,


B.E.E.I. Bachelor of Education in Inadequate Childhood, special needs sector,

University of Quebec in Montreal.


Practice in child psychiatry Founding member and consultant of the Association of Orthopedic Teachers of Quebec.


Manon Laferrière, Remedial teacher

co-author of the mentor training guide for the School of the Greats program

Marie Beaumont, Erg. 

Occupational therapist working with various clients, including children with various developmental problems or difficulties in their daily activities.


Marie Beaumont, Erg.

Consultant in educational content development

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is a consultative body that meets three times a year and is made up of disciplinary experts who share the values and mission of the Foundation W. The committee's mandate is to take a critical and constructive look at the various facets of the Foundation W. and to inform the President and Executive Director of their recommendations.

Lony Tehini, Eng.


Global Product Manager


Hitachi ABB Powergrids


Lony Tehini, Eng.

Julie Veilleux



Director of Communications CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation

julie veilleux.jpeg

Julie Veilleux

Josée Desjardins


Managing Director, Marketing & Business Development



Josée Desjardins.jpeg

Josée Desjardins


Valérie Mac-Seing

Avocate associée

Mac-Seing Thomas - Avocats

Valérie Mac-Seing

Our leaders

Normand Brais (1).jpg

Normand Brais P.Eng., Ph.D.

CTO & Founder


Normand Brais P.Eng., Ph.D.


Mathieu Blais


Services de certification chez EY

Mathieu Blais

Our leaders are individuals we are grateful to for their significant impact on the development and deployment of our flagship l'École des Grands program.

Alessandro Sartor, BEng


Computer Engineering student at Polytechnique de Montéal


Contributes to the development of the computer programming curriculum as well as data capture and consolidation for impact measurement.


Alessandro Sartor

Mégane Francoeur


Student in microbiology, infectious diseases, and immunology at the University of Montreal.


Contributes to the development of the science curriculum as well as the capture and consolidation of data for impact measurement.


Mégane Francoeur

Ana-Virginia Tejada-Cuerno


Student in the Department of Specialized Education and Training, University of Quebec in Montreal


Former participant of the School of Greats®

contributes to the development of the sciences curriculum of the School of the Greats®.


Ana-Virginia Tejada-Cuerno

Émilie Lefrançois

Assistant Director of Studies, Programs and School Organization, Cégep de Trois-Rivières.

Émilie Lefrançois

Leslie Grah


Student at the Faculty of Human Sciences, University of Quebec in Montreal


Former participant of the School of Greats®

contributed to the Foundation W as an Administrative assistant.

image FW_edited.jpg

Leslie Grah

Shirley Vuong


Graduated from Cegep Marie-Victorin.


Former participant of the School of Greats®.

contributed to the development of communication for the School of the Greats®.


Shirley Vuong

Sabrine Lyna Hamouni

Graduated from Cegep Marie-Victorin in Natural Science.


 Participant of the School of Greats® since 2016

contributed to the development of technology as a technology coordinator for the School of the Greats®.


Sabrine Lyna Hamouni

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