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We strongly believe in the importance of education in contributing to equal opportunities and equipping vulnerable populations with the tools necessary to prevent and reduce poverty.

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Une fille participant à l'École des Grands, Fondation W.
École des Grands Fondation W.
We put in place initiatives that are effective and easy to implement, based on a rigorous approach.
Our team of disciplinary experts has measured the impact of the program on the educational success of vulnerable populations.
Mentors collégiens, École des Grands, Fondation W.
Fondation W. soutenant la réussite éducative
Our strength lies in the quantitative and statistically significant impact of our initiatives on our beneficiaries.

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We have developed effective tools to transfer knowledge and support schools and colleges with the implementation of our programs.

Outils de transfert de la Fondation W.
Élève à l'école en réussite éducative Fondation W.
We support school stakeholders free of charge in the implementation and evaluation of the programs offered.

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Donors and partners
Pomme représentant le soutien aux familles vulnérables à la Fondation W.
bus scolaire représentant le transport à l'École des Grands avec la Fondation W.
Réussite éducative à la Fondation W.
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